From my clients:

High Shoes and Bloomers

Acknowledgment by Alice Conner Selfridge, author of High Shoes and Bloomers:

"Many thanks to Doug Cooper, my editor and mentor…an author in his own right. A remarkable man who guided me through the maze of organizing a book.  His constructive criticism was instrumental in helping me to create a book that is more readable and to realize my potential as a writer."

The Shield of Gold

Acknowledgment by Lenny Golino, co-author of The Shield of Gold:

"…. I got to know Dr. Cooper well from working with him on Ava Gardner’s Daughter? and collaborating with him on Shield. He truly is a gentleman. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for his dedication and devotion as our book’s co-author. It was truly an honor. If not for him, this book would have not been written. Thank you, Doug." What Cost

From Judy Axtell, whom I coached and served as editor for her memoir, But…at What Cost:

"At the top of my list is Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D. Doug is my editor and writing coach, and he, above all others, gave me the confidence and courage to continue this project. That he (with that Ph.D. after his name and a long list of academic achievements from impressive schools), agreed with most of the opinions and rationales I expressed in this book,  removed many of my feelings of inadequacy. He helped me – no, forced me – to think when doubts and fears led me astray from the task at hand. Doug, a physicist by profession, is a very scientific thinker, so when I ventured into areas of opinion where people are expected to have letters after their names, his approval was both essential and invaluable. I needed him to lend me some of his gravitas. Plus, he is astonishingly good at coming up with synonyms and better syntax." 

Home Is Where the Story Begins: Memoir of a Happy Childhood

From Kathleen Blake Shields for whom I coached and edited:

"I thank Douglas Cooper for all his help and guidance on my writing of my book. This has been a dream of mine for many years, and with his help, I can finally see it come true.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Squashing Liberalism

[To] “My coach, DOUGLAS COOPER, for helping me grow through the experiences you shared and the wisdom you imparted.

“That acknowledgement only scratches the surface a to how much your tutelage meant to me. “

Shattered Dreams at Rainbow’s End: A Novel about Inheritance and Infidelity

“Thank you for your coaching. I will never forget you for as long as I shall live.” 

Good Grief: Strategies for Building Resilience and Supporting Transformation

“A special thank you to Douglas Winslow Cooper, my editor and firm believer as a “completionist.” This may not be a legitimate word, but it presented a powerful challenge for me to complete my work and join the ranks of the “published. I would still be writing this book if not for his attention to detail and his supportive push to the finish line!”

What Ever Happened to My White Picket Fence? My Brain Injury from My Massive Brain Tumor

“I have a long list of people to thank for getting this book out, but I have to begin with my editor, Dr. Douglas Winslow Cooper.

“Not only has he typed this from my long, weekly scribbles and spent lots of time teaching me to be a better writer, he also provided much love and concern when I was struggling either with writing or with life in general….his gentle soul always brought clarity and calmness to our meetings….

“And I will forever say, he’s the ONLY man, since my childhood, that I allowed to correct me. All others before Dr. Cooper tried and failed! “

PAIN FREE Made Crystal Clear! My Sounds Unblock Your Energy

“First, I thank my coach and editor, Douglas Winslow Cooper, PhD, without whom this book would not ever have been written.”

FEAR FREE Made Crystal Clear! My Sounds Relieve Your Fears

“First, I thank my coach and editor, Douglas Winslow Cooper, PhD, without whom this book would not ever have been written.”

Understanding Sassie: A Novel of Dog and Human Communication

“To my editor/coach, Douglas Winslow Cooper, PhD ( a big thank-you for all your time and expertise. You were instrumental in helping me create a good story that teaches dog communication.”

Also, reviews of my books:

For Ting and I: A Memoir of Love, Courage, and Devotion

From the Foreword, by Richard F. Walker, MD, FCCP:

"Doug Cooper’s homage to his wife, presented as a 67th birthday gift, is a story about the power of love to overcome cultural taboos, through persistence and patience, and to triumph over a near-fatal illness and daunting physical disability. It is also a celebration of optimism over despair by two people passionately committed to each other “for better or worse, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health.”  

Amazon Reviews:

"This book is written in an easy-going style, told like a storybook of life’s challenges. From broken hearts to hearts filled to the brim with passion, devotion, courage, loyalty and intelligence, both authors (Doug and his wife Ting) share the stories of their lives: together, apart, and then together again, forever. This is a must-read book for anyone who cares about love, compassion for people and caring through a lifetime spent together. Whether it be close friendships, lifetime companions or marriage soul-mates, this book clearly illustrates what it means to be a human being." [Five stars]

"This is a poignant saga of a brilliant, beautiful young Chinese woman that fell in love with an American Ivy League student that tugs at the heartstrings. Unsupportive parents tore them apart and prevented marriage when this couple was young, only to be reunited, many years later, when Ting’s MS symptoms were becoming noticeable. Numerous social issues are approached that made me proud of the man that never relinquished his love, and continues personal care and commitment even after Ting becomes a paraplegic. This is a good read, and it sets a noble example of unselfish love and complete support for a disabled spouse." [Five stars.]

Review in CONNECT, the on-line journal of the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses:

"….This book reads like the book Love Story, but with the harsh realities of how a couple deals with a catastrophic illness.  Catastrophic illness is a taboo is our modern 21st society.  It is something that“happens to others not me.”  Yet, it happens all too frequently, and this story walks us through the “day to day” challenges of two kindred spirits intimately experiencing the dilemma." 

"Ting and I is a must-read for any health care professional.  It presents the opposite side of what constitutes quality of life as described in medical and nursing textbooks.  An “eye-opening” revelation into a symbiotic loving relationship in the face of huge obstacles." - Patricia A. Burns, Ph.D., R.N. F.A.A.N

WRITE YOUR BOOK WITH ME, by Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.

Published in 2016 by Outskirts Press, available through Outskirts Press,,, and other online booksellers.

First Two Reviews at

Perfect, If You Want to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book  5*

In a world of "fluffy" information, this book breaks the mold by taking you step by step and showing you how to write your first, second, or third book. Not only does it reveal specific, actionable instructions, but it also shows you how to market your book once you've successfully published. Write Your Book with Me is by far one of the most compete instructional books you'll find on the subject of getting published. I  highly recommend it to anyone who wants to write, publish, and sell their book. 

Helpful, Encouraging and Inspiring  5*

This is a helpful and inspiring book if you're a budding author. Doug combines precision (well he used to be a scientist, after all), with emotional encouragement to help you write a great book. It's good for first-time authors but also for anyone looking to improve their book planning and writing skills, as well as learning more about publishing and marketing. Doug's got a lovely style---you'll enjoy the read.


First Two Reviews at

Practical advice, well-researched and tested in practiceI 5*

I've been a caregiver in several capacities over the last 20 years, first for my wife, who died of cancer in her 30s, then my father, grandmother, and now my mother. I take these care giving years, not as a distraction from my life priorities, but as central to my life purposes, which include helping those in need, especially those closest to me. Dr. Cooper is my hero in this respect. We've corresponded about our care giving in recent years, and I can testify that he's the real deal. He cares, and has put tons of research into how to care for his dear wife, who's now totally incapacitated.

His herculean efforts to provide the best possible quality life for both his wife and mother, even as they lost all mobility and the ability to communicate, provide both inspiration and a wealth of information for America’s millions of care takers. One of my main challenges has been getting accurate and specific information about home care. This book should help many, particularly those who are in the intense mode of caring for a loved one who has many physical needs.

Excellent how-to guide on caring for loved ones at home 5*

Co-authored by an R. N. and a PhD, this book tackles the nuts and bolts of providing care at home for patients with multiple, severe medical problems. How to Manage Nursing Care at Home goes through how to prepare and equip your home, when to start providing care, how to obtain skilled nurses, and many other aspects of providing long term home based care. It specifically covers care for patients with myriad medical conditions and is organized in an easy to read format based on the body system that is effected, such as cardiovascular system for a patient with heart problems. Replete with detailed information on vendors and products, how to interact with insurance companies, and many other helpful topics, this book also contains numerous references to other books, guides, and blogs for readers who wish to further educate themselves
This is truly an indispensable, comprehensive guide to caring for loved ones at home.

Multi-Payer Medicine Nightmare Made in the USA: ADVICE FROM MedWise INSURANCE ADVOCACY

From Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate, Washington, DC, July 2015:

"Learn what to watch out for in this volume by authors who know the inside ways of sellers who try to take you to the cleaners."

Solved! Curing Your Medical Insurance Problems: Advice from MedWise Insurance Advocacy

From Bill Hogan, co-author of Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?

"Should you find yourself doing battle with a health insurance company or hospital, I have three words of advice: Get this book!"