Writing Your Memoir with a Coach

By Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.

A memoir is the story of your life, as you saw it, as you understood it. It is less
formal than an autobiography or a biography. It tells the truth, not necessarily all
the truth. Reasons for writing a memoir include:

1. Self-understanding: Some facts will speak for themselves. Some will need
interpretation. Some will reveal what was unclear to you then. Some will give you
more insight into yourself and those who influenced you.

2. Explanations to others: Your audience can be your spouse, your family, your
friends, neighbors, colleagues, the world. You had reasons for the choices you
made. Explain them. You learned from the outcomes. Share those lessons. You
may want to take credit or accept blame. Do so.

3. History: You will not be available forever to tell the stories that deserve to be
told. Your memoir lives on. You may choose to add leaves and blossoms to the
bare branches of your family tree. An occasional knot-hole or broken limb may
deserve mentioning and explanation.

4. Thanks. You want to thanks publicly and at length those who have enriched
your life. Our memoir thanked those who have saved my wife’s life and helped
keep her alive.

Why hire me as a coach?

1. I have recently self-published [though Outskirts Press] my book: Ting and I:
A Memoir of Love, Courage, and Devotion. I know how to do it and can help
you find a path to publication. You will not need to convince an agent or a major
publishing house, both difficult paths to publication for the new writer.

2. I have been a researcher, a teacher, and a writer. I can help you organize,
research, write, edit, proofread, and publish your memoir. Currently, I have a few
other clients and have time for several more.

3. I have broad experience and years of higher education to aid in giving you
insightful and impartial assistance with your work.

4. I will help you get organized, get going, and keep going.